WRC Guys & Gals,

Once again the weather Gods smiled on us for our Brooklyn Exchange Meet (NOT) ! But being the Northern Ohio Troopers we are, we endured the slight mist that persisted ! Arriving just a little before 9:00 we were greeted by an already full parking lot, loaded with cars trailers and trucks brimming with the treasures we outboard fanatics were looking for !

Scott Wimbush and Rex Jackson did not disappoint as both had brought trailers full of, well you guessed it, motors motors motors, and the deals were going hot and heavy ! If you just happened to be a OMC guy the Johnsons and Evinrudes were top on the numbers list ! But with a variety of ELTOs, Corsairs, Eskas and even a couple Scott Atwaters thrown in for good measure !

Moving on around the parking lot were other deals like a nice Martin 40, one minute there, the next gone ! I barley got the gas tanks I had bought out of my truck when one of the guys asked how much I wanted for it ? Sold American ! Domenic and I set up our club banner and placed it right in front of the cabin ! We always get some positive comments on how it adds to the meet !

Inside the cabin, TJ and the guys had the coffee and morning goodies laid out to satisfy the taste buds. Another very nice addition was having Chad Kozan The National Resources officer give a presentation on some of the new laws on the water ! Chad also answered many of the questions members had regarding our boats and antique engines ! Back outside more cars and engines were arriving ! Just outside the cabin a gentleman was setting up his display of miniature engines he had built, and they were some beautiful pieces of craftsmanship, he had a couple V8 engines, one a flathead Ford and another small block Ford V8 along with a Harley Davidson V twin and a 4 cylinder engine ! And they all ran Quite loudly too ! Very impressive !

The announcement was made that lunch would be ready in a couple minutes so we had to pass the word for everyone to come on in ! We also had a special announcement about a birthday for our very own Treasurer Mr. Bob Joynt. Leslie, his friend had called me saying it was Bob’s birthday and she had a cake for him but didn’t want Bob to know it, John Hagerman to the rescue he picked up the cake from her and snuck it in. And of course we had to sing Happy Birthday to Bob just to top it all off ! Wishing you many more My friend !

Outside of all the deals and trades being made in the parking lot, Lunch is another Crown Jewel of the day where everyone gets a chance to catch up on everyones deals and just generally enjoy talking about each others winter projects ! The Camaraderie of this group is second to none. Once everyone had their tanks topped off it was back out to the parking lot to close some more deals. Soon the deals trailed off and it was time to pack up and move out ! Inside one more time to ask TJ if he needed help cleaning up, he assured me things were handled !

A huge thanks to Tj Fitzgerald, Jim Fordosi,Dave their helper and Chip Rabbit for putting on another great meet at the Brooklyn Exchange club ! And another huge thanks to the ladies that helped serve this ravenous bunch ! Cindi Hagerman, Peggy Orloff, Maryann Elliott and Leslie Janikis ! And a big thank you to Larry Muniak for his contribution to the menu, always appreciated Larry !

Stay tuned for details of our next Meet coming up at the Mentor Lagoons ! And stay safe !

Gary & Peggy