WRC members,


  Shenango, Shenango, Shenango,  Maybe  saying the name three times will bring good luck to those that utter the words ?  Maybe magical things will happen if we say the word three times ?  One could only hope that to be true as the name Shenango itself seems to have a certain mystical meaning to it !  The name caused me to ponder the meaning,  so I had to look it up !


  By definition from  Merriam Webster,  it means,  ” a casually employed dock worker ”  This wasn’t quite what I was hoping to read ! So a further in depth look was necessary !  After looking thru several other definitions I finally found one that seemed more suitable to the Natural location of this lake nestled in a valley in Pennsylvania . The name Shenango, comes from the Iroquoian indians,  meaning “the beautiful one”  Now that seemed Apropos to a lake like this !


  We arrived at Machaney Access boat ramp just about 9:00 am exactly !  Much to our surprise the parking lot was almost full !  Jerry had called the park rangers who assured him there wasn’t a Bass tournament going on this day !   So much for what they know, as you could tell from the pick-up trucks in the parking lot with decked out trailers that the lake was going to be full of hi powered bass boats racing to all points of their favorite fishing holes !


  We unloaded a couple things from our boat and took them over to our usual area, and there sat Jerry waiting for the gang to show up !   But it wasn’t long till the rest of the guys rolled in !  Some of the first comers were John Hagerman with his aluminum boat and a Johnson 25 on the back. Bob Joynt and Al Carlson were next to arrive, What no Boat ? No excuse ! Mike Conner and Bob Davidson soon came in with Mike’s boat in tow, John Fairgrieve brought his AlumaCraft with an 18 Evinrude on the transom ! Steve Schmitmeyer brought his aluminum boat with his 18 Johnson ! Soon Domonic Durda and MaryAnn came rolling in and must have been really flying as Dom had to open the hood to let the tired TrailBlazed cool down !  Oh that poor thing must have been so hot you could fry and egg on the hood ! But his boat was cool !


  Once everyone showed up we started putting boats in the water,  It’s always a helpful group when it comes to launching boats !  Next was off on a tour of the lake, Peg had never been here so we cruised around a few miles to see the sights ! My bad as I just took off not looking back to see John Hagerman with camera in hand !  Sorry John next time I’ll not rush off so quickly !


  After most of us had run the lake a bit we all came back to the dock area to chat about boats motors and the coming holiday !   It’s always amazing how quickly time goes when we’re boating, soon it was Lunch time and the feast began ! 


  Jerry & Lin once again outdid themselves, with Jerry flipping burgers and roasting hotdogs he was working up a good sweat !  Hmmmm those burgers were really juicy !  Lin’s Potato salad is one of the hi-lites of the meal complimented with home made mustard and all the trimmings !  I was told the brownies made with peanut butter were another treat not to be missed.  John Hagerman’s woife Cindi made some macaroni salad that was a cool delight


  Domonic and MaryAnn added to the menu with fried chicken and assisting in setting up the table for our hungry group Mike conner brought a Watermelon that capped of the desert list, cold and sweet !


  A big thanks to all that added to the lunch menu, and a special thanks to Jerry, Lin, Dom & MaryAnn for hosting this meet ! 


  On a side note, Jerry also invited some of his family to bring their boat and join us,   It’s always great to see Glenn & Sherry and all the rest of the family   Till next time ! Keep The Blue Smoke Flowing !


  Gary & Peg