WRC Guys & Gals,

     One again the Brooklyn Exchange club meet was a roaring success thanks to our hosts T.J. Fitzgerald and Jim Fordosi !     We got to the club about 8:30 just in time to grab a hot cup of Java that  TJ had promised would be waiting.  True to his word it was a welcome warm up to the chilly morning Mother Nature had predicted for the day !  Normally my first task would be to set up our Banner on the stands, but because I had no room to haul the tubes and stands in my truck, my good friend and member Domonic Durda brought them in his truck !  Perfect as it gave me a chance to finish my coffee.

Dom arrived shortly after we did and we got the banner set up only to find I had somehow misplaced the rope we usually used to lace it to the poles ! John Canning to the rescue with enough rope pieces to complete the task !

It didn’t take long for the parking lot to fill up and guys were checking out the treasurers at each pickup bed and trailers !  Brian Klima found a treasure load of propellers and marine parts in Larry Muniak’s truck and was having a ball going thru them.  I saw motors being carried in all directions so I knew the guys were finding some deals they couldn’t refuse !  I even saw a small radio controlled swamp buggy in the back of Tom Nord’s truck !

Walking on down the parking lot, Low and behold seated at a small table behind the Gray Souped up Ford Cobra Powered Ranger Pick Up, was our very own Treasurer ~ Mr. Bob Joynt !  He had his sign-in sheet in hand along with the current Non-Paid up members list,  and an inviting box of Donuts to lure unsuspecting members close enough pounce on for their dues !  Whoa unto any unsuspecting passerby’s !

One of the highlights of the meet was having two young gentleman ( BMZ Nathan Tucker and John Miller)  from the US Coast Guard that were giving a presentation on some of the new regulations, in particular the new Kill switch requirement for outboards !  After presenting their talk they opened it up to Q & A and did a superior job of answering all questions !  If you missed the presentation you will be able to view it on our ( wrcoutboards.org ) web site as soon as our  IT tech engineer ( Mr. Bill Mohat) gets it posted.

Following the Coast Guard guys presentation I gave a short talk on how to build and install a safety Kill switch on an old outboard magneto.  If any of you want the names of the parts
I found to build it, please let me know and I can send you the information.

Directly after my talk on installing the kill switch, Bill Mohat gave his presentation on condensers. Bob Davidson video recorded all the presentation so hopefully we will have a link to all of them on our web site !

A couple more walks around the parking lot to see if there were any other treasurers I may have missed proved to be worth while as I came away with another 3 blade prop to add to my collection.  T.J. came by telling us lunch was being served so that took priority over looking for any more goodies !  And it was a good thing as almost everyone was already seated and eating !   No worries as they had plenty of food and as usual it was awesome !   

The menu consisted of Sliced Ham, Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Potato salad, chips, drinks, and Sausage & bun !  Absolutely no reason to go away hungry !  A huge Thanks to our two lovely ladies that helped serve the food, My wife Peggy and Dom’s girl friend Maryann Elliot And of course we can’t forget one of the Exchange clubs very own behind the scenes member “DAVE” He was serving the Sausage & Buns.

This meet IS and ALWAYS will be the fantastic opener to the summer season !  We can’t thank T.J. And Jim enough for hosting it and putting it together, their work preparing everything is so far above and beyond I have no words left to describe it !  Another big thanks to all that contributed to the menu bringing desert (John Hagerman) brownies, (Larry Muniak) ham and those that brought  drinks and other items !  These meets are blessed by the generosity of all involved ! 

After lunch the crowd started to disperse with their treasures and it was time to call it a day ! See ya’all at the next meet !

Gary & Peg