WRC Guys and Gals,

             Well another Piston Power AutoRama has come and gone and believe it or not this is about the 12th year we have displayed at the IX Center  ! So if you had planned on going to the show, sorry you missed it ! Our featured motors in the show this year were Elgins and the guys didn’t disappoint as we covered the whole line from 1 1/4hp up to their big 16hp model ! Of course many of the guys brought other engines of all different makes and models to help fill in our area.

I would like to extend a huge thanks to these members for participating in the show this year by bringing the engines and boats we displayed !  John Hagerman, Bob Joynt, Paul Wood, Dave Deck, Bob Peters, Bill Mohat, Tommy Kenepp, Dom Durda, Marty Belfi, Dave Nau and Chuck and Howie Thomas for their contribution of Boats and motors ! I also want to designate  Tommy Kenepp  as our new WRC ambassador ! Tom was welcoming everyone that came by and telling them how to sign up and join the club ! Way to go Tom !!

 As you might guess there is a lot of preparation organizing and setting up a display for a show like this and these guys are always up to the task ! Not always knowing exactly what our booth will be from the standpoint of location, area and size of the plot we are given, and the designs change from year to year !  But we always manage to pull it together and have a great display, and this year was no exception !  Thanks Guys !

Our one worry is, can we fill the area and make it look like it was all pre-planned ? And a lot of credit goes to Chock and Howie because of all the motors and boats they bring to the show ! But please don’t think I am not crediting all the others that contribute !  It doesn’t matter if you bring one engine or a dozen, they all make the display what it is !

In the past we have had some great locations in the IX Center, this year it was Ok but not the best, but we received a lot of positive comments from attendees about how the booth looked and the amount of motors these guys brought !  And that is what makes it all worth while !

I will be sending out a list of contacts of people I talked to that have outboards for sale or just come get them out of their barn, garage or basement.

The Show ends on Sunday night at 6 pm and is an event to experience !  If you’ve ever been to a Tractor pull, drag race or even stock car races you know how loud some of those engines can be, multiply that by a hundred and it will give you and idea of the sound we experience !  Ear plugs or muffs are and absolute must !    Once all the cars are out of the building they allow us to bring in our vehicles to load up our engines and boats. Just before the end of the show,  everyone starts tearing down their displays, and it’s also when we all come together to help one another. I would also like to thank my Son Greg, my Grandson Logan and his friend Aden for their help with loading up everything !

  It’s always a team effort and this team is top notch !   Thanks guys !

Gary & Peg