Subject: Todays Meet @ Pymatuning Lake

WRC Guys & Gals,

Thanks to Ryan & Kelly Hollingsworth they pulled off another of their wonderful meets !  Yes the skies were threatening and the forecast was rain thunder and lightening but that didn’t dampen the spirits of our gang !  Peg & I arrived at about 8:50 to an empty parking lot which didn’t last long as members started showing up ! The first faces to step out of their truck were Dave & Jack Deck !  Next was John Fairgrieve with his AlumaCraft in tow ! Then Ryan, Kelly and daughter Emm came rollin in with all the mornings goodies, coffee and donuts !

Soon after several other members showed up, Al Carlson, Scott Becker, Paul Jenkins, Marty Belfi and Dave Nau ! Scott brought several motors to show and sell along with some parts ! Paul Wood had an 18 Evinrude for sale !  As we all looked up at the sky we agreed we better put the boats in the water if we were going to get any boating in ! I had brought my 16 ScottAtwater that I had run earlier this spring at Dillon Lake and was pretty sure it would be a good runner today, That proved to be true after a few good pulls on the starter cord !

Ryan was next to launch with his trusty PO15 Johnson on the transom, never fails when you run them in the test tank but once on the boat, somehow they turn their other cheek ! But if you know Ryan you know he’s not one to be discouraged easily and after several tries the PO sputter to life and left me looking at it’s white wake !

John Fairgrieve brought a nice 18 Evinrude on his AlumaCraft that ran so smooth you hardly know it was running !  We all expected to see Dave Nau’s new aluminum with a mighty 10 Evinrude on it’s transom but Dave wasn’t going to chance getting it wet both inside and out ! Just kidding Dave, maybe next time ??

Paul Wood brought his Crestliner with a very pretty Buccaneer 25, Oops maybe it was a 12, anyway it too was a sweet runner !  Dave Deck said he and his Dad were going to bring the Switzer ( A Hydro with a Yamato racing engine ) but said by the time they’d get it rigged and ready to run it would probably be raining !  

Ryan’s reluctant PO needed a little help to get him out into clear water so I grabbed his fore line and pulled him out a ways so when ( notice I said when not if ) it started he wouldn’t have any boats in front of him or be near the shore !  I asked if he wanted me to tow him back in, and he said I’ll give it one more try as it roared to life, Ahhh,  the smell of 2 stroke gas and oil and the blue smoke flowing ! Sweet success !

I headed back to shore after chasing Ryan, John F. and Paul around a few times !  I wanted to catch up on the chitchat under the pavilion !  Then Ryan’s daughter Emm asked if I’d take her for a ride in my boat !  Didn’t take any arm twisting to go out again, we cruised down the lake a good ways they across to the other side and back to the causeway, under the bridge and down the other side back toward the launch area.  I asked Emm if she was feeling the rain as it just started right on time about 11:15 !  We pulled the boat up on the sand and headed for the Pavilion.  

Ryan and Kelly were taking orders for Pizza, we all settled on a couple large meat lovers,  but Emm had to have her own special cheese-y one LOL !  You know kids these days ! But we had a real nice chat with Emm, she is not your usual spoiled kid and is a pleasure to talk to and be with and there will always be room for her in my boat !

Ryan went to pick up the pizza and was soon back with them.  The Covered Bridge Pizza shop in Andover Pa. makes a great Meat lovers pizza and was consumed by all quite quickly ! No complaints !  By the end of lunch it was raining quite steadily and a couple of the guys left !  So we decided after a bit more fat chewing we’d better pull the boats !  Just for fun I asked Emm if she wanted to go for another ride, this girl is game for anything and hopped in the boat !  I told her it’s not going to be a long ride this time as we were both squinting thru the rain drops !  

With everything loaded and tied down we said good by to Ryan, Kelly and Emm and were on our way back home !   Just proves to me you can’t keep people tied down with a little bad weather or for other reasons !

 And remember ~ Keep the Blue Smoke Flowing !  We sure did today !  

Gary & Peggy