Due to COVID, many formal meets were cancelled. However, we WERE able to do a few informal “dock meets” like this one, on September 9th. Guys will just show up with old boats and motors, and run whatever they have ….. (followed by hot dogs, and good conversation!) And, at this event, we had some entertainment provided by Lilly and Roxie (the AOMCI Western Reserve Club Mascots, who make sure the Canadian Geese don’t make a mess while we are there!)

It was late in the season, but we were able to get in a meet at Leesville Lake on September 12th. The majority of the motors were 1950’s vintage Johnsons and Evinrudes. However, there some older Mercurys, a Johnson “K” series, and a Johnson 300. These are older motors, but all of them were running strong!