Mentor Lagoons Meet: Comments from attendees….


It all started on a day that the weatherman said was going to be horrible. So I for one, did not bring a boat. However, I did bring donuts which were hopefully enjoyed by many people. There’s nothing better than getting together with a club such as ours and just enjoying friends! I talked to many friends today, including yourself, whoever you are.

As I arrived I saw John Hagerman launching his boat. And of course the motor started right up! As the day went by, by my count, there must’ve been seven or eight boats! Anywhere from wood to aluminum to fiberglass and even one with pontoons on it! I think it goes by the name tiny Toons! Dave was having fun all day taking Folks for rides.  There was even a couple of motors that were purchased and gas tanks to be had. And believe it or not a Mercury actually started and ran!  

The weather held off and a feast was spread. If you went home hungry it was your own fault. There were hamburgers and hotdogs and sloppy Joe’s and pork and beans and lemon squares and macaroni salad and last but not least potato chips! There was plenty of liquid such as water and pop and even ice cream treats! Not too many people headed out to the big lake as I hear there were whitecaps. But cruising through the lagoons is a pleasant way to spend the day.  I’m sure I speak for Gary and Peggy when I say thank you for everybody who contributed and for everybody that showed up and everybody that brought boats.  
Now, off to the next meet! Enjoy!

Bob Joynt


Peggy and Gary:

Another perfect Mentor Lagoons meet. Thank you both and Greg, Joanna and Logan for all you did to give us all a great day. The only thing you can do to improve the meet is to slow time down a bit so the day doesn’t go by so fast – WOW!

Your spot on the Lagoons is the perfect venue for a meet – sun, shade and water, a perfect combination. I ventured out on the lake, but quickly realized my 14-footer was not up to the task, so I enjoyed touring the lagoons instead. 

Best part of the day for me was watching Mason with his new Mark 5. An impressive and capable young man; I know his family is proud of him. So glad to see him at a meet.

Thanks to the Orloff family again.

John Hagerman



Great wet meet at the Orloff docks in Mentor Lagoons today. Weather held up just fine. Felt like a regular summer day.

Very well attended, lots of nice boats in the water – all good. Great to see so many members out and about after these past two years. Terrific spread for lunch! I know John Hagerman took lots of good pictures all day.

Thanks to all who helped me dock/tie up Tiny Toon, or as Gary calls it, Tony the Toon! Took it out for three rides with full boat of people each time

Thanks again to Gary and Peggy and all who helped to make it happen!

Dave Nau


            To begin the weather topped off a wonderful meet.  Those that were not boating spent the time talking in the nice sunshine as the rain held off until most of us left. As usual Gary and Peg and helpers set out a lot of very good food with others bringing enough extra food to make sure none of us went home hunger or stayed  on our diets.   Saw lots of familiar faces and several new ones and had a good time catching up.  I think I saw 8 boats show up with most doing runs in the lagoons, but Dave’s really nice “Mini” pontoon boat was a big hit, with many rides given around the lagoons as the lake was rough with small whitecaps.  Several motors and tanks were there and went home with new owners.              

Overall it was a pleasant day and many thanks to Gary and Peg and helpers that make it all possible.
Paul wood


Gary told the Weather to Behave and it did. (Actually it was many prayers to God and Mother Nature)  

Great Meet , Great Friends and Food was Excellent. Good Fun.

 Thanks Gary & Peg. 

John Reed


To all:

The May 21st meet hosted by Gary and Peggy Orloff was a WONDERFUL way to start the summer season! The weather was perfect all morning……bright, sunny….with a nice breeze to keep everyone cool. (Unfortunately, it was a NORTHWEST breeze, that took the lake from perfectly flat at 6:00 AM to 3 foot waves by 9:00 AM……..very typical for Lake Erie). No white caps, but it was not pleasant to run out on the open water unless you had a heavier boat over 16′ in length. Fortunately, if you went out on the lake and went immediately to the right (behind the breakwall) it was perfectly flat, and you could open your engine up to full throttle for a about 1/4 mile. Around 1:00 in the afternoon it started to cloud up and drop a few sprinkles on people that were loading up their boats to go home., but earlier than that you couldn’t have asked for better weather. “Picture postcard” grade…..just wonderful! There were about 8 visiting boats, and a very unique selection of old outboards to look at……or get a ride from the owners! Several boats were making trip after trip, for anyone that wanted a ride. I was busy giving rides myself, so I missed getting out on two of the other boats that I REALLY wanted to get a ride on……..Dave Nau’s pontoon boat, and someone brought about a 17 foot fiberglass boat with a big 115 HP Mercury “Tower of Power” on it that I really wanted to go out with, but missed the opportunity. (Yes, Bob Joynt…..there were at least THREE Mercury outboards there, and all of them ran FLAWLESSLY….so there !!!)

I counted a bit over 35 people…… this meet had a very good turnout. There were lots of people that attended from all over northern Ohio…..and a couple from out of state. This spring “Wet Meet” seems to be getting more and more popular every year ! I’ve only been in the AOMCI club for a couple of years, and there’s some “big name” people that attended that I probably SHOULD be able to recognize, but I’m still learning who is who in this organization. (Name tags were a VERY good idea, … they allowed me to PRETEND I recognized some people and avoid embarrassing myself !) I got grabbed by several people and dragged into a couple of different technical discussions …..which was OK, except it allowed my dog Lilly to run around unsupervised, so she had a good time hitting up everyone she could for food. (I think she gained about 5 pounds while I was involved in these other discussions!)

SPEAKING OF FOOD: As usual for an Orloff meet, there was a lunch served that had something for everyone. (If you went hungry, it was your own fault !) I got to the lunch line late so missed out on the hamburgers, but there was still PLENTY of sloppy Joe, hot dogs, salads, macaroni salad, baked beans, many different varieties of chips and pop ……there was a good selection, and PLENTY OF IT. Many thanks to Peggy and her assistants who put on the lunch……it was greatly enjoyed by everyone who attended!

John Hagerman took a picture gallery of the event, and Gary Orloff took some videos… look for those on the MEET PHOTOS and VIDEO GALLERY tabs on this web site!

Thanks again to Gary and Peggy, and all the other folks who helped to put on this event!!!

–Bill Mohat / Technical Officer, AOMCI Western Reserve Chapter