WRC Guy & Gals,

I love it when a plan comes together !  You are probably wondering why we didn’t have this on a Saturday when more of our ” still Working ” members could attend ?  Well if you arrived  when we did this morning at the ” Farmers Boy Restaurant ” and saw the number of vehicles already in the parking lot at 8:30, you’d no doubt guess why they wouldn’t take a reservation on Saturdays, It was packed and we couldn’t get a table till our 9:30 reservation time !

Even tho this was a Wednesday we managed to have about 14  people show up !  Paul Wood & Bob Davidson, Chip Rabbit, Mike Seachrist, Frank Heege & son Carl, Domonic  Durda & son Arron, Steve Bates, Marty Winkhart, John Reed, Bob Korosa, Chuck Thomas and me.

It’s usually a good bet that if there is a crowd at an eating place, the food is probably pretty good,  I didn’t hear any complaints so I’m guessing everyone was satisfied as there seemed to be plenty to pick from on the menu.

There were some interesting conversations about outboards and projects going on, I wasn’t able to hear all of them but did get in on some of the Magneto discussions !  I will preempt that with what started the discussion!   One of our new members Bill Mohat whom we have been working with on our Wednesday get-togethers is writing up a presentation on ” How a Magneto actually works in detail ! I have a first copy that he wants to redo to put into a more Layman’s language.  We used the Magneto from a single cylinder WA3 Wizard outboard as our test base and ran several oscilloscope pictures to show the concept.  More to come on Bill’s write up  !

Chuck Thomas brought his mystery valve 1924 Evinrude Sportwin so we could finally see what the valve was for !  What didn’t show up in the pictures he’d sent me, is that the valve is actually a 3 way valve that is threaded into the midsection of the down tube that delivers water from the cam driven piston pump up thru the midsection tube to the valve,  then up to the engine for cooling !  Apparently when the engine is started the valve would be opened to direct the water thru the valve and up to the engine to cool it !  Once you shut the engine down and were done running it, you would have to open the valve to the drain position to empty the cylinders,  The valve could also possibly be in the partially closed or possibly opened position if run in very cold water to allow the engine to come up to operating temperature !

Marty Winkhart brought his Chrysler air boat motor to show & tell and I brought my Chrysler WestBend Hornet air boat engine to compare it to. We determined both Marty’s engine and mine were Home built units with several things that didn’t look like they were of manufactured quality LOL !  We will have to have a race between all the Air propeller driven outboards ! Mr. Kay are you up for the challenge ?

John Reed brought a couple motors to display or sell / swap.  He also brought some parts for Dominic’s WA3 that has a broken part on the lower-unit.  There are a couple indents in the nose of the gear-case  that don’t make sense why they are there !  So we will post a question to the InnerSanctum Guru’s to try and get an answer ?

I had a nice chat with several other members about different things, one was with Steve Bates about how to improve performance on his 50hp Evinrude 3cylinder of the !990’s vintage that his son use’s for water skiing.  Steve, send me some picture of the engine and it’s specs !

Frank Heege just did a coil change on his Opposed Twin cylinder Chief installing a couple OMC coils to replace the old burned out coil !  He’s still trying to get it to spark !  Pull the starter rope harder Frank LOL !

So that’s today’s sum-up,   hope next time you can make it to the meet !

And remember ~  Keep the Blue Smoke Flowing  !