WRC Guys & Gals,

          Never let it be said our club isn’t a hardy group and willing to adventure out in the pre-spring weather conditions !  With everything loaded in the truck, Peg and I left about 7:40 and headed out in the combination rain / sleet conditions !  Nothing too bad as we drove down towards Chesterland and turned onto Mulberry road headed to caves road !  It was still sleeting when we pulled into the Orchard hills drive, I spotted Bob Joynt’s truck as we got to the parking area thinking,  I hope he has the coffee going as I’m ready for a refill and Peg said her cup tasted like rain water !

I backed in as close as I could to the pavilion so I could unload the wood I had in the back of the bed, it had to come out first so I could get the poles, stands and banner out next !
 Tom Knepp had just pulled in and asked if he could help set things up which he did and we soon had the banner all tied and looking good !  In the mean time Peg had our coffee pot set up and it was soon brewing the favorite morning Java to chase the chills away !  Bob had brought 4 dozen donuts that the morning coffee would make a good chaser.  For which he has apply earned the name “donut Bob” ! 

The guys started rolling in with motors, parts and various marine gadgetry !  I didn’t get out to see the best buys directly but did see a few motors go from one truck to another so I knew the day was a success for those involved !  I always try to get around to talk with everyone and see what their latest projects are ?  At this point weather wise it was snowing pretty hard not quite enough to stick but definitely building up on everything above the ground surface ! 

The outside pavilion has a very nice fireplace and many of the guys brought more wood to start a good fire. With one big cardboard box all torn up and a bunch of news papers waddled up all it took was a light from Steve Schmitmeyer’s lighter to have it burning brightly !  The kindling caught and soon we had a roaring fire warming the near area, even the wet wood I had brought caught and added to warmth !

Fortunately the attached building had heat and Bob had turned it on when he got there so it was warming up nicely inside !  We didn’t have any motors on display this time except for John Hagerman’s newly acquired 12hp Hiawatha sporting a great (altho slightly scratched up) paint job !  Great find John can’t wait to see it run ! 

By now many of the guys were out looking at the various cars that came in to see what treasures the might hold ? While I was tending the fire to make sure it had caught well,  I got a tap on the shoulder, Bob introduced me to Carly Martin and her husband Cliff. Carly had contacted me asking if we could help her dispose of her cousin Scott Cousins outboard collection ?  I have been corresponding with Carly discussing how to best help her ?  Scott’s collection consist’s of over 300 motors and a house full of other treasures Scott had collected ! From what Carly and Cliff told me, they have a monumental  task ahead of them clearing out what they don’t want in order to get to the motors !  I left it with Carly and Cliff that when ever they are ready for our help just call and we will be there !

Back inside in the warmth, lots of the guys were just catching up on their winters project stories and talking about what meets were coming up ? Bob caught my attention and suggested as long as we had this many members maybe it would be a good time to see who was up for hosting a meet ! Bob is always great with good logical suggestion !  So I called all the rest of the gang in to have a meeting !  In asking the question I got several good offers which I will post as soon as we confirm everything !  But here are a few of the possibilities!

1.  Mentor Lagoons meet ~ in May (date to be confirmed)

2.  Jack Deck’s meet ~ June (date to be confirmed)

3.  Ryan & Kelly Hollingsworth Pymatuning ~ meet in July (date to be confirmed)

4.  Leesvile Lake meet ~ Late july or early August

5.  Atwood Lake Meet ~  Early Oct (date to be confirmed)

6.  Brian Klima’s meet ~ at his shop (date to be confirmed)  Fall of winter ?

So thank you guys for stepping up, I am blown away that this is coming together so well and what ever we can do to set these meet date please just let me know !

As I walked by the picnic tables out by the fireplace I notice a small motor sitting on the ground and a gentleman sitting near it ! I recognized the motor as an early Mercury ( actually a Wizard clone)  and thought I knew someone who might be interested in it !  I had recently talked to Bill Reed and knew he was looking at a mercury KE3 but this Wizard was all there and altho dirty from sitting in who knows where all these years, it looked like it could be brought back to life with a little TLC ! And Bill Bought it ! Can’t wait to see it when he gets it all cleaned up !

The weather outside was not improving and guys were starting to leave so it was time to start packing up and heading home !  Big thanks to all that came !

 Bob Joynt, Tom Knepp, Dave Deck, John Hagerman, Dan Curran, Brien Klima, Dom Durda, MaryAnn Elliott, Bob Korosa, Mike Seachrist, John Canning, Bill Mohat & Lilly, Ryan Hollingsworth, Chris Feldman, Paul Wood, Rex Jackson, Bill Jatzek, Jerry Kay, Bill Reed, John Reed !

And a special thank you to Bill Jatzek, Tom Knepp and Domenic for helping set up and take down the banner, stands and poles  and storing it !  Great 1st meet of the year !

Gary & Peg