WRC Guys & Gals, 

       WOW !  I didn’t realize it was so important for me to be at the meet ahead of time, got text messages, emails, and I think even a carrier pigeon flew over dropping a note, Where are you, your late !  But Thank Gosh We have a back up plan with my trusty Treasure covering for me LOL !   Anyway Peg and I got to the Marina about 9:40 only to find the parking area was already full of friendly faces along with boats trailers and motors already out on display !

Several of our guys already had their boats in the water and were test running their their motors to make sure all the stars were aligned in the Galaxy for a fun day of touring the lake !  Being the lake has a 10hp limit, the predominate motors were 9 1/2 – 10 hp Johnson & Evinrude with an occasional Mercury 10hp thrown in just to show up the OMC boys, Go Mercury or go home !  The age of these old beauties are almost all from the fifties vintage with a couple older ones on display !  But thankfully there  is always an exception to the rule when Our own photographer, Mr John Hagerman breaks out a number of his prizes like his Johnson K series and my favorite the Johnson 300 (that’s not 300hp) but a 5hp model !  Then we have Ken Teeters and son Ryan that brought their 5hp ChrisCraft Challenger. Ken is one of our newest members and he and son Ryan are anxious to learn the finer details of tuning his engine.  

Moving on to some of our other members and their boats,  Always a great pair are the Belfi brothers Marty & Tom along with Tom’s son and a couple of his friends. Their Aluminum boat was Johnson powered. The Reed brothers John & Bill brought their Aluminum boats, Bill’s had the Mercury KF7 and John had a Johnson 10 ! By the way John is the host that always puts this meet together, thanks again John as usual a great place to have a meet ! Then we have John Hagerman’s Sea Nymph usually powered by an extremely nice Evinrude, a ten this time !  Not to exclude one of our most popular members Mr. 4-1 Jerry Kay and great grandson Jason ! Jerry has a 16ft Chrestliner powered this time with a nice “58” Johnson 10, which Jason did a fine job of piloting !  Of course I couldn’t forget John & Betty Scheurer and Betty’s beautifully restored motors she displayed !  The shine almost hurts your eyes !

Our Treasurer, Mr. Bob Joynt brought the “Patina Special” a 14ft AeroCraft with an Evinrude 10 on the transom that no-one could touch except Bill Reed with his Merc 10 ! Another of our newer members Paul Wood brought his LoneStar with a early model Johnson 10. Our Painting specialist Mr. Bob Korosa brought his Wooden Shell Lake, similar to some of the more familiar Peterborough boats powered with a beautifully restored 58 & 54 Johnson 10’s !  Dave Nau brought his recently purchased aluminum boat with a 9 1/2 hp Evinrude shorty. Another of our newest members is Eric but I didn’t get his last name.  He brought a very nicely restored and fancy Aluminum boat with a newer 9.9 Johnson (I think) and a radio that only played 50’s music LOL !  We’ll get his full name and details later from our Treasurer !   I did see Randy Wilcox with his aluminum boat and a 10 JohnRude but I didn’t catch what model it was ?

As for me, I brought my Old Arkansas Traveler, a just under 14fter,  and had my 10hp ScottAtwater on it !  I had just installed  a new water pump impeller and wanted to make sure it would cool, but when I tried it in my test tank it wasn’t firing on both cylinders.  So I pulled the flywheel only to see I had two different condensers in it ! I suspected one of them was the problem !  After trying to install another condenser that was too big to fit !  A quick call to our electronics Wiz, Mr Bill Mohat was in order !  Bill had told me he has new capacitors that are very tiny but can replace any of the condensers we usually use and will last forever ?? I stopped over to pick them up and was able to install them easily !  As they say, the proof is in the pudding !  It started and ran so smooth I couldn’t believe it, and the impeller was pumping great !  The Old Scott ran great the whole day and never missed a beat !   

There was plenty of boating and running of motors to each end of the lake while other members were content to stay and chat about motors and projects they’d been working on.  There were several of our members I saw but didn’t get much of a chance to chat with them. Tom Shanor, Dave Mettle, Scott Wimbush, Rick Whitman, Dan Curran and maybe a few others. Sorry guys hopefully we can catch up at our next meet ? 

Being we decided to have everyone bring their own lunch, it seemed to work out very well as some of us sat under Rick Whitman’s popup tent (Thanks Rick) munching and talking about our next projects !  It takes a lot of pressure off the host not to have to worry about how much food to bring and if they have enough for everyone, so we may continue it at our next meet !  After lunch several of us took a run down to the south end of the lake ! I took a couple videos and hope to have them posted to our    wrcoutboard.org   Web site in the next couple days so take a look from time to time to see what”s new at the WRC ! 

All in all I think everyone had a good time and got plenty of boating in, so thanks to everyone that came and made it another successful Meet !  See ya at the next one and remember ~ Keep The Blue Smoke Flowing !

Gary & Peggy