Mike Seachrist – Safety


    Hi my name is Mike Seachrist and I have been a Chapter member for 18 years servicing in various positions, my current position is safety.

    My two favorite motors are Mercury and Champion. Mercury because I saw a Green Tank on a boat when I was 15 and never stopped wanting one, that was more than 50 years ago and I now have more than one. I discover the Champion motors about 8 years ago and became intrigued with their innovation and design. About 11 years ago I built a small plywood runabout that I run a Mercury KG-9 and Merc 500 on.

    In recent years the authorities charged with enforcement of boating laws and regulations federal, state, and local, have been tightening up on boat owners. This increasing law enforcement usually takes the form of boat inspections, mainly spot checks to see if the required safety equipment is aboard. Normally every boat should have the following safety items:

  1. A life jacket for everyone on board.
  2. A horn or whistle
  3. Anchor and rope
  4. Orange distress flag
  5. Fire extinguisher


    It is the  boat owners responsibility to know what safety equipment is needed.

Meet safety suggestions/rule:

  1. No one shall run a motor out of water with a prop installed. This is a firm rule not a suggestion.
  2. It is suggested that any boat/motor that can produce speeds over 20 mph should be equipped with a kill switch. I can show you how to install a kill switch on most motors.
  3. Do not over load boat.
  4. Do not over power boat.
  5. Wear a life jacket when in boat
  6. Note: I will have a first Aid Kit in my car at all meets.


   Safety is every members responsibility but as we get more experienced with our boats and motor safety issues can and do occur no one is excluded. At a recent meet a friend of mine flipped my boat he was not hurt and the boat and motor were OK. I had just changed the steering system to accept a jack plate and in my haste to see if the steering worked I didn’t have a locking nut so I used a normal nut just to check it out. Guess what I forgot to change, the nut, it loosened up and came off, then the boat had no steering.

    When you bring that new treasure (Boat or Motor) to a meet please let me or another member check it for any safety issues.

    I hope everyone has a safe boating season and if I can help in any way just ask.