WRC Members, 

 As I’m sure everyone was aware, the weather reports were a bit gloomy for what we might expect !  I don’t know who has the connection but we couldn’t have had a nicer day to run motors, chat with friends and catch up on what everyone has been doing !  Yes it was a bit windy out on the lake but the day was warm as well as the water so hitting the waves gave a refreshing splash to those that challenge the whitecaps ! 

We arrived just about 9:00 AM expecting to see the usual gang already there, but it wasn’t long till they showed up.  Bob Korosa & Mike Seachrist were one of the first ones there, Paul Wood and Friend Al were right behind them with boat in tow ! Soon Mike Conner and his wife Kathy arrived, with Bob Joynt & Al Carlson coming next !  John Fairgrieve came with his boat, I think an alumacraft with and 18 Evinrude. Jerry Kay, Lin and Jason his grandson came with his Chrestliner and a couple motors to run. Chuck Thomas and son Howard brought their boat with an 18 Johnson. The Reed brothers John & Bill both brought boats and motors. Bob Davidson brought his Penn-yan boat with his newly acquired 18 Evinrude !  Greg Mazza and wife Caroline came a little later that morning. Scott Wimbush also came but no boat ??  What’s up with that Scooter ?  Not to be forgotten, my buddy Bill Mohat with Lilly his loveable dog showed up too !  Probably forgot someone, Sorry the old bean isn’t too good anymore on memory !   And of course Ryan,Kelly, Tyler and Emm were our hosts !  

The boats were launched and the fun began !  All those 18hp JRudes were running away from my measly 7 1/2hp Hiawatha, even  DonutBob passed me by BooHoo !  Wait till next time !  With the little chop on the lake and the wind at my back I was able to plane off !  

After running around for a couple Hrs we all headed back to the beach to pull the boats up on the sand, then up to chat with everybody !  Next thing I hear is, hey Gary your boats floating away !  But the good Samaritans saved it from going on the rocks !

Out for another run with buddy Bill & Lilly aboard we stopped to talk to Bill Reed, he had an “84” 15hp  Evinrude on is Alumacraft that went like a scalded dog (no offense Lilly)  That little bugger is quick ! 

Soon the Lunch bell rang and we headed in to fill up the other tanks ! And what a lunch is was !  Ryan & kelly prepared Barbecued pork that melted in your mouth, That together with Lin Kay’s potato salad, lettuce salad by Peggy O.  and chips, cookies and Watermelon from the Conners toped off the menu !  And the topper was desert,  Strawberry shortcake with whipped cream topping by my wife !

As the old saying goes, if you went away hungry it was your own fault !  

Pretty sure everyone enjoyed the day !  A ” huge ” thank you to all that came and a special thanks to Ryan & Kelly for hosting the meet and those that contributed to the Lunch menu ! 

Remember ~ Keep The Blue Smoke Flowing !

Gary & Peggy