WRC Guys & Gals,

       So I looked at the clock and saw 4:45 am and thought Ok I can roll over for another few minutes thinking my internal alarm will surely wake me by 5:30 !  Second roll over and it’s 7:03. Wow I wanted to be on the road by now !  Ok time to hustle, trucks all loaded except for the cooler but I wanted to load another motor incase my trusty Hiawatha decided to cough and sneeze but no time to dig it out of the shed so the plan changed to just one motor !  I could have brought any one of my other under ten hp motors or maybe even snuck in something disguised as a ten but was pretty sure someone would call me out if I did !

So we we’re finally on our way by 7:45 + –  a few minutes and the heat of the day was already starting to rise !   We pulled in the marina about 9: 50 seeing most of the guys were already there and boats were already in the water !  This is probably one of the best turnouts of wood boats that we’ve ever had at a wet meet ! I can remember a few, John Hagerman’s Peterborough with a “58” 10 Evinrude, Bob Korosa’s 15ft Shell Lake with a 10 Johnson, Dan Curran’s Peterborough with a ? Merc 9.9,   Scott Wimbush brought the Old White boat, Bob Davidson previous owner, Paul Wood’s 15ft PennYann with a KE7 Merc.,  Bob Joynt’s recently freshened up 16ft Peterborough with a 10 Evinrude ! I think I may have missed a couple but that’s all I can remember !

Of course there were other “Non Wood” boats like Marty Belfi’s Aluminum Loan Star?? My 13ft Arkansas Travler, Ryan Hollingsworth LoanStar with a 10 Johnson and a couple others ! And we all had 10hp or under !  There was a nice breeze out on the lake which made it tolerable, but of course sitting under the canopy’s and catching up with good friends is just as important !   And my wife always enjoys listening to the motor talk and even enters in with an occasional comment about point settings or carburetor adjustments ( Not Really ) but thank gosh Bob J. came with his friend Leslie so she wasn’t the only lady there !  She and Leslie always enjoy girl talk ! 

One of our members that I always enjoy talking with, blessed us with his presents, non other than Mr. Jay Miller !   There’s always a good topic to discuss when Jay’s around and today was no exception ! Spark, coils, capacitors and magnetos are one of our favorites. This past Wednesday at our weekly get-together a  call was made to Jay to ask his opinion on a KE5 magneto that seemed to be 180 degrees out of time. It wouldn’t fire at all at the normal start setting, good spark, fresh fuel, but no go ?  Till we retarded the spark on the mag down to below the stop setting, then it would fire up and run for a few seconds ??  Never did figure out the problem but it’s a work in progress !  A few think someone swapped magnetos ?

So out in the boats we enjoyed the lake and the greenery that surrounds the shore line. Seemed everyone out there enjoyed the day cruising and sharing the day with friends ! Back at the canopies Jay and the guys were heavy into problem solving. He did mention that since we were blessed with his presents we were now obligated to come to one of their Dillon Lake meets, being that’s one of the main reasons he came to this meet LOL !  Come on Jay you know you enjoy being with all us old farts ! 

A big thanks to John Reed for setting up the meet at Keith’s South Fork Marina ! A great place to settle back forget about the worlds problems and relax with Mother Nature !  It was a typical summer Dog day, hot and humid but what more could you ask for to make a great meet ! 

Gary & Peggy