WRC, Guys & Gals

          Ryan & Kelly’s meet went off as smooth as pudding !  Peg and I arrived at their new home a little after 9:00 only to find Quite a few of our members already checking out Ryan’s collection. Paul Wood brought a couple motors and gas tanks he had for sale. Rex Jackson was looking at some of Ryan’s boats and showed me a picture of a 30hp Scott Atwater he’d just bought, Nice find Rex !

        Then I spotted my old buddy Jerry Kay, he informed me he had gotten his 6hp Oliver all back together and brought it to run in Ryan’s test drum !  Way to go Jer ! I also saw Steve Justice looking over a Mercury KE4 7 1/2 hp that Tommy Mizen had brought. Mike Seachrist arrived but told me Bob Korosa developed a cold and didn’t want to bring it to the group so he wouldn’t be coming !  Domenic Durda and Maryann rolled in along with Bill Jatzek, Al Gammon and Scott Wimbush,

     A few more of our members trickled in one of our newest members David Johansson and another couple guys I don’t remember their name’s ! One of them said he learned of our chapter from John Reed. Thanks John for always promoting our club ! So all told think we had about 15-20 people show up, not a bad turn out on a slightly damp and cool day.

       Tommy Mizen put his KE4 in the test drum and in a short time had it purring nicely. When he pulled it out I asked him to put Jerry’s Oliver in and try it out !  It took a little doing but he finally got it started and Rex confirmed it was pumping water ! It still needs some fine tuning and a fuel pump diaphragm but Jerry can handle that ! 

      I’m sorry I couldn’t sample Kelly’s lunch of Sloppy Joe (not Em’s boyfriend Joe) and a veggie tray brought by Maryann, thanks Maryann ! But Peg and I excused ourselves and had to leave !  Another great meet by some super great people ! Spring is right around the corner ? Break out the Snowblowers !

Gary & Peg



Because Gary and Peg had to leave before lunch, Gary couldn’t comment on it…..so I will ! Ryan’s wife Kelly is quickly gaining a reputation for putting on a really nice lunch for these “Hollingsworth” meets. She had all the hot dogs you could eat, chili – in case you wanted to make chili dogs………or have a bowl of chili by itself, with all the fiixens…..(shredded cheese, sour cream, etc.) Chips, veggie trays, and an extensive set of dessert trays rounded out the menu. This was all served piping hot, which took the edge off of the rather chilly November morning, and rounded out the event rather nicely!

If you have never attended one of our chapter’s “dry meets” before, I would encourage you to give them a try. This is where you meet other members, …..guys that often have the parts and information you might need if you get stuck with a motor repair problem you can’t solve by yourself. These AOMCI meets are where you find the tricks and techniques that will save you a TON of time on your own projects….while meeting new friends with some of the most diverse backgrounds (and skill sets) you’ll ever find. It’s well worth your time to attend a few of these events!

Submitted by: Bill Mohat / CTO, Western Reserve Chapter, AOMCI