WRC Guys & Gals,

             The waters were a bit cloudy today regarding Jack and Sylvia Deck’s meet, but as Syl had anticipated (as she always does) for a couple extra guests and had things under control ! As for Peg and I, we were a bit late due to another invite I got from one of our members !  Steve Bates sent me an email asking if we would like to stop by the Lost Nation airport for their  annual fly in and to enjoy their pancake and eggs breakfast in support of the Aviation Society ?  Sometimes you have to adjust the schedule to take advantage of situations like this !

Knowing Steve and having talked to him several times about his plane, a Chinese Yanchang (Sp?) Trainer. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up ! He informed me he would be leaving the Medina airport about 8:00 and should arrive at Lost Nation by about 8:30 ! His punctuality was spot on as I saw him make a pass overhead  while leaving a couple very cool smoke trails ! Touch down was as smooth as launching any of our boats !

Once guided into his ground position and down on the ground, we shook hands. Steve showed me around the plane and pointed out one of it’s faults,  burning about a quart an hr of engine oil (ouch) !  But aside from it’s thirst it is a beautiful beast that looked like it was just painted !  I thanked Steve for inviting me but told him we had other obligations, under other circumstances I might have even been offered a ride ??

But it was time to move on to another fun situation !  We arrived at Jack’s about 9:30 and saw several of the guys chatting motors and enjoying the sunshine. The cool of the morning was still in the shade of the trees that populate Jack’s property but the coffee was hot and Syl’s scones were a welcome morning treat ! (We didn’t partake of the pancake & eggs breakfast at the Airport)  Sitting in the warm sun sipping the coffee and enjoying the second start of the day was a nice reward for an already busy morning ! 

The gang had set up chairs around the back of John Hagerman’s car admiring three of the motors he’d brought, a 1953 3hp Johnson, a Firestone 5hp and a Mk 5 Mercury. All of which would start and run in Jack’s test tank !  Peg had already gone into the house to greet Sylvia and set out the cookies we’d brought ! Bob Joynt true to his nickname “Donut Bob” had brought a couple dozen of the tempting circular treats that I try to stay away from ! 

I decided to take a walk down to the barn to see what treasures Jack had laid out tempting us collectors. There were props and parts mostly from Mercurys and a few odd balls thrown in for good measure.  John Fairgrieve made the comment he was surprised their weren’t more goodies in the back of the cars that came in !  I guess this just wasn’t one of those days ?

Over at the test tank John had a bunch of the guys looking on to see if the little green Johnson 3hp would fire up, “come on man” John’s motors almost always come to life and the little Johnson was proof ! Bob Peters, Tom Kenepp, Bill Jatzek, Bob Korosa and Mike Seachrist watched as the next engine the 5hp Firestone fired up ! It too ran like a champ ! And of course the 5hp Mercury ran like they always do ! 

Several more of the guys rolled in, Dave Dufresne, John canning, Dave Nau and Lilly with her pet man Bill Mohat !  Bill no more than sat down and John Fairgrieve was on him like a toad on a june bug with questions about his Cushman motor scooter.  No it’s not and outboard motor but the engine is made by OMC !  Needless to say, Bill our resident electronics specialist is the go to guy for questions about charging  and ignition systems ! I’m sure he’ll figure out the problem if John is willing to bring the scooter to him ???

Now it was finally that time of the day,  Lunch, anticipated, but never to be known what wonderful treats Syl had conjured up to feed the the brood !   And as usual we weren’t disappointed !  Spaghetti alla cheeze and some spices thrown in to satisfy the palette, along with salad and bread & butter to enhance the menu !  For desert Cindi Hagerman had a cake to die for (If you had room) !  Drinks were pop and water.

After lunch it was a time to relax and let the vittles settle to the bottom for a while !  More motor talk and a bit of what the future will bring ? Dave Nau told us his anticipation in waiting for his new Ford Truck Hybrid to come in, he’s been a patient man for it’s arrival, it’s on the train and should be at the dealership soon, is what he’s been told ! Sure hope so Dave !

Jack announced the Annual Mercury engine block toss was about to commence and those wishing to participate were signed up ! Ryan Hollingsworth, Kelly Hollingsworth Tyler H. and Emma were some of the first then Paul Wood, John Canning, Bob Peters, Tom Kenepp, Dave Dufresne, Bill Jatzek and me ! 

Tyler Hollingsworth won with a mighty heave backwards throw of a distance of 40ft, right behind him was Paul Wood with a distance of 39ft 1″, John Canning was next at 38′ 10 1/2″  Bill J. at 35’10”  Ryan was next with 35′ 5″  Dave D. with a 31′ 2″  Emma with 25′ 1″ Kelly with 23′ 7″ Tom K. at 20′ 51/2″  Bob P. at 18’3″

Wrapping up the day and a big thank you to Jack & Sylvia for another great meet and super lunch !  Another thanks to all that contributed to the menu and just for coming !  It’s always a fun time !

Gary & Peg