WRC Guys & Gals,

          Don’t credit me with today, it’s all of you that deserve the credit, because without you there wouldn’t have been a meet !  So thank those of you that said a prayer to Mother Nature asking for a beautiful day of calm seas and following winds ~~~  as we surely were blessed with such a day ! I had several people ask how we always manage to arrange good weather on our Lagoons meet day, my answer usually is because I know good people that believe in asking !

As I rolled over to look at the clock and my vision cleared enough that I could read the 4:40 hr, I thought, Ok I’ve got another 20 minutes before I really need to get up !  That 20 minutes is the fastest Einstein relativity moments ever !  So now it’s load the last couple things into the truck before going for my favorite Speedway Java fix then off to the dock to put up the signs and catch a couple minutes of news before setting up the coffee pot !

News is depressing so that doesn’t last long. Coffee pot is ready but it’s still too early to start brewing so I had a couple things to do on the boat just in case we wanted to go out for a cruise. I had contacted Domonic to ask if he could help monitor the coffee pot, being he is the coffee conasour best suited for the job, he accepted !  Just as the coffee was finished perking John Hagerman came down the drive with a couple coolers of water.  John said he had to unload a couple of his motors he wanted to display so we went up to the car to pull them out. Meanwhile Peg had arrived and was setting up the cups and cream & sugar with the some donuts cookies and muffins !  Things were all ready ! 

The rest of the crowd started showing up, Mike Seachrist and Bob Korosa, Paul wood, Bill Jatzek, Al Gammon, Bob Davidson, Tony Torgersen, Jack Deck, Ryan Kelly and Emma Hollingsworth, Dan Curran, Dom & Maryann, Carl Goodwin, Jerry Kay, Dave Nau, and last but least our Treasurer Mr. Bob Joynt accompanied by a very nice special friend Leslie !  My son Greg Joanna and Logan also came to enjoy the day, If I missed anyone I apologies.

Ryan Hollingsworth brought his newly acquired 17ft SeaRay with a sweet 115 Mercury on it and said he had to bring it because he wanted to take me for a ride, needless to say he didn’t have to twist my arm to get me in the boat, and a sweet ride it is topping out at 40mph with two of us !  Thanks again to Mother Nature for a beautiful calm lake !

We had 4 boats and two kayaks that his the water, John H’s SeaNymph with a sweet Evinrude, Ryan H’s SeaRay with the 115 Merc, Bob Davidson in Paul’s aluminum boat with a Johnson TN28, and Bob Joynt’s Patina special Aerocraft with an Evinrude 10hp

Back at the dock and up by the road many of the guys were swapping and selling all kinds of parts motors and information !  Mike Seachrist had a nice assortment of manuals for Scott McCulloch, JohnRudes, and even some Elgin manuals. One of the Scott McC manuals had my name on it and I quickly snapped it up.

Jack Deck had an unusual couple motors in the back of his car, one was a British Seagull the other a miss-fit that didn’t seem to have all the parts for it ! It almost came home with me purely because it was such a weird looking engine ! The cowls said Corsair but the powerhead looked like a Gale product and the lower unit looked similar to a Mercury ?  Someone needs to get this from Jack and see if it can be be put back to original condition. It has great compression but is a direct drive no shift ! 

Paul wood brought a couple motors to sell, not sure if he had any luck ?  He also brought his kayak as did Domonic and they had fun paddling around the lagoons !  Daughter Joanna also enjoyed a cruise in Dom’s kayak !  Paul also helped Bob Davidson get Paul’s boat in the water so Bob could have a fun time running a TN28 Which I understand he did !  Thanks Paul mighty nice of you !

I had a nice chat with Ryan’s daughter Emma who is looking at a career in teaching but is also interested in science and hopefully studying how the human brain works and why people do the things they do ! Where do the good things come from and where does the evil come from ??? You go Emma we need more people like you !

I hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did ! I don’t think we could have ordered a better one !  We’ll be looking forward to our next meet at Jack Deck’s house. I’ll be sending out the information about it soon the meet is on Sunday June 13th !    See you Ya All then

Gary & Peg