WRC Guys & Gals,

Every once in a while you have the pleasure of running into a family of rare wonderfulness (my word for them) !  These types of people grace our lives in so many positive ways it's almost impossible to count them all !  First as members of our club who go out of their way to support it !  Then as great friends that are always just a phone call away if you need them, those are just two of the many ways !

The Decks are those types of people that no matter what the situation deals them they make the most of it !  But I would be neglect if I didn't include all of you that despite the weather conditions still put on your boots, rain coats and opened your umbrellas to journey out for an adventure with fellow club members.

The Morning started early with my usual trip to the corner gas station for a cup of java as my AM eyeopener, then down to the Lagoons to see if good old Lake Erie had receded back any, it had not, in-fact it was up even higher as the winds from the west were starting to blow pretty hard and the water was now completely across our peninsula leading down to our now totally submerged docks. Looking to the west you could tell something evil this way comes,  as the skies were darkening and the winds were blowing harder !

I had moved to a vantage point where I could see some of the Walleye fisherman heading out in their small boats to summon the big ones to come bite on their lures !  If you have lived on Lake Erie as many years as I have you soon learn it's not nice to tempt Mother Nature ! The thought that crossed my mind was, are a couple fish really worth chancing Lake Erie's Wrath !

At that point I decided to go over where I could actually see the lake and what was coming,  I saw a couple of the smarter boaters had turned around and were coming back in and there were a couple boats at the lunch ramp that thought they would wait out the storm.  Thunder had started followed by cracks of lightening loud enough to scare the bark off a Dogwood, then it hit !  Sideways rain on wind approaching 60mph !  The guys that were waiting for it to blow over gave up and left !

This was at 7:30 and the weather report said it would be through by 9:00 !   Knowing most storms that come from the northwest, head southeast right in the direction we were going.  I was suspecting we'd be heading right into it !  Peg was ready by the time I got back home and we were off just as the rain started coming down !  When we got to Jack's a couple other members were already there helping set things up !  Paul Wood was one of the first (always ready to jump in and do what needed to be done) ! I unloaded the Banner, stands and poles and we soon had it set up for everyone to see when they came in.  The rain had subsided to a drizzle and pretty soon stopped completely as other members started to arrive !  Cars, trucks, SUV's  and vans full of treasures of all kinds for the seekers !

Much like the Walleye boaters, no matter how many warnings are sent out, and how many times you tell people " Beware of the soft ground from the rain"  there are always a few that ignore the warnings  "Oh I won't get stuck"  More on that later !

Stories and swaps were going fast and furious and parts, motors and even a boat were under new ownership. I personally was handed a very nice anchor ( Thanks Tony) that will make a nice addition to my boat !  One motor got sold and another one bought to fill the void !  Mr. Scott Wimbush answered my question by loaning me a service manual that covered an old Mark 28 Mercury that I needed to see how the transmission and water pump worked !  I had several discussions with members on different problems they had with their motors. I hope you find out why the engine won't cool Rick, keep me posted ?

Our WRC Treasurer, Mr. Bob Joynt made an announcement that the membership dues book was Open as he started going through to see who was paid up and who wasn't ? As I watched  several members were right there to bring their membership up to paid status !  This always brings a big smile to Bob's face ! Kidding aside, Bob is a fantastic asset to our club and does a great job keeping the books up to date,  much like his predecessor !

As Jack had predicted, Lunch was spot on at the noon hour and Sylvia came through again with all the goodies to make a big man smile !  italian rigatoni and sauce, meatballs (Yum)  salad, bread and cake for desert How could anyone go away hungry ? And I forgot to mention Syl's famous scones for Breakfast with hot coffee !

After everyones bellies were full,  Jack announce they would be having the Annual Jim Poole Mercury Engine Block toss !  And this year there were prizes  to be won !  The list of contestants were ~ Bob Joynt, Me, Rick Whitman, Dan Curran, Ryan Hollingsworth, Kelly H, Emm H, Dave Nau, Carl Goodwin, Paul Wood and Scott Wimbush !
Mr. Joynt started with a mighty throw followed by me with a not so mighty throw. Next was Rick Whitman whom we all thought had it won ! But Dan Curran put it so close our Judge couldn't tell who thru further ( bring out the tape measure ) Ryan Hollingsworth was right there almost as close !  Kelly Blew many of us guys right out of the competition with a great throw of 35+ feet !  Emm was almost as close as her Dad beating out her Mom and said she wanted to throw again to beat her dad !  Dave Nau had a good throw but it went rogue ! Carl Goodwin did his best coming close to the girls ! Paul wood's throw was great and almost had it won till Mr. Scott Wimbush pitched the Jim Poole KE7 Block 61' 1 1/2" for the winning throw !  Dan Curran took second place, and Ryan H. took third !  Emm did her second throw beating out her dad ( with a little help from Dave) for another couple rolls !  We'll give her a win for the effort !

In between chats with everyone and checking out all the truck and cars trunks of goodies we were dodging rain drops and a couple more downpours,  but it didn't dampen the spirt of the members as we all were having too good a time enjoying each other !  As the day moved on the sun did finally come out and brightened the day even more, but unfortunately it didn't dry up the soft grass and we were soon up to our boots in mud trying to push a couple stuck minivans out !  Dave brought out his Dad's 4 wheel drive Quad and latched on to the MiniVan that brought the boat. He made a valiant attempt at trying to pull the stuck van out but it just wouldn't come unstuck, maybe because the driver had his foot on the brake ?with several members pushing and the Quad pulling we did finally get it out !

Next was a full size Van that the back wheels were really dug in deep, several more attempts with the Suzuki Quad were futile, bring out the big guns !  Brother John's 4wheel drive truck latched on and it gave a valiant attempt but just kept spinning the tires !  Attach the Quad to the truck pulling the stuck Van, still no go !  Last chance, Dave brought a (huge, You know that word)  Roll of 3/4" poly rope !  With his 4 wheel drive truck on the pavement it pulled the van out and down the road it went !   So like many of the movies today if you didn't stay for the credits you probably missed the out-takes at the end of the movie !  Never let it be said we don't have a fun time even unsticking stuckees  !

To our Hosts Jack & Sylvia, their sons Dave & John a ( Huge) thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for a fantastic meet and fun filled day ! And to all of you that helped make it another successful meet, another (Huge) thank you !  And to those of you that brought additions to the menu, that (Huge) thank you is to you too !

And Remember ~  Keep The Blue Smoke Flowing !

Gary & Peg