On September 17th, the Western Reserve Chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club International (AOMCI) held a meet at Leesville Lake. Leesville is limited to 10 horsepower………so what will a bunch of guys do with 10 horsepower outboards? RACE THEM, of course !
The fastest boat was Bill Rice's MERCURY KG-7. Rated at 10 horsepower, the KG-7 actually produces 16 horsepower at rated RPM, but will do 19 to 21 on a dyno "wide open".
Also seen in this video is a GarWood aluminum boat with a nice 1956 Johnson QD-17 (10 horsepower) on it.
On October 8th, the Western Reserve Chapter of AOMCI held their last meet of the 2022 season at Atwood Lake. It was a bit chilly, but that didn’t seem to dampen the mood of the event! Here is a collection of short videos that show what boats were running on the lake that day. Note that for some reason, almost everyone focused on the White boat with the single-cylinder inboard motor……(pre 1920s for both boat and motor). Scott WInbush was running it, and giving rides to anyone interested. This was probably the oldest boat and motor combination on the lake that day!