At the Hinckley meet, Nathan Tucker and John Miller (from the Fairport Harbor Coast Guard station) gave a talk on new laws about “kill switches” required on new boats. A “Question and Answer” session followed, which ranged over a wide variety of topics, including updated fishing regulations, rules on “international waters”, and many other topics. It’s not often you get to talk to Coast Guard members and get direct answers like this. Great information!

Far too many people try to test their condensers with an ohmmeter. Unfortunately, this far more often results in them believing “bad” condensers are actually “good”, when they are not. Only the old “vintage” ignition testers can properly test magneto condensers. In this short talk, Bill Mohat (from the Western Reserve Chapter) explains why this is the case, and what you must do to test condensers correctly. This talk was given at the Hinckley meet, April 17, 2021.