Well for once the weather people were right !  Back to a couple weeks ago I looked at the forecast and this was on one of those beautiful sunny days we’d  been having ! It said 50% chance of rain, but knowing how most of their predictions had been I thought surly it will change in a couple days !?

        John Birchak had sent me a text asking when we were having the Lagoons meet ? He said he always enjoyed coming to it as we had such a great place to boat !  So I thought I’d better schedule it for the 11th, Ok check the weather again hmmm still forecasting rain for that day 🙁 ! But I thought surely it will change to a better forecast by then !

        So now we are closing in on the day and I hadn’t even flipped the Ark over to clean and wax the bottom ! Look at the weather again surely the forecast will change by then ???

       Hurry up and get the Ark ready ! Put my trusty 10hp ScottAtwater on it, I’m sure it’ll fire right up ! After about 30 pulls it fires but is a bit rough, Ok it’ll clear out once I head over to the dock ! First 1/2 of the way it ran good then started to falter !!! Oh no not my trusty Scott Atwater ? Then the steering wouldn’t turn all the way but it got me to the dock so I’ll figure out the problem Saturday ?

      Friday, Get the coffee pots ready load the truck and we are almost ready for the meet. Sat morning still shows rain in the forecast ! Oh No, how can this be the weather people can’t possible be right for a change can they ! 9:00am is the target time for it to start !

       I’m down to the dock by 8:15 and the Sun is shinning 🙂 ! As I drive into the marina I notice Paul Wood getting ready to launch his new ( to him) FeatherCraft so I figure Ok we’ve got one trusty member that wasn’t scared off !  Get the coffee pot going, it’s a bit chilly down here, once perking I get back in the truck to warm up ? Al Carlson calls and says the gates not open but says he’ll wait till someone comes and follow them thru !  Soon I see Paul coming down the channel. Once he was tied up he unloaded a couple motors that he had for sale, a very nice WJ Wizard 10 and Mercury KE3  John Hagerman and John Birchak were right behind Paul in their boats !

Bob Joynt arrives with boat in tow,  behind his car but no motor, What’s up with that ? I guess he’s just practicing towing for when he gets his NEW boat LOL ?

        Well those unreliable weather people finally get it right, it starts raining right on schedule at 9:00 AM 🙁 !

     Next Ryan and Kelly Hollingsworth arrive, no boat in tow ( Smart people) followed by Steve Justice, Steve had texted me he wasn’t going to bring his boat ! Where’s the fun in that Steve ? Al and Joanie showed up followed by Domenic and Maryann and our certified electronics wiz Mr. Bill Mohat but someone was missing, Bills Dog Lilly our loved mascot,  Too muddy says Bill she’d be a muddy mess in short order !

        I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our Wednesday guys for helping to put the canopy up on our framework the week before as we would all be soaked to the bone if we hadn’t had some shelter to hide under ! By now it was a steady rain, not a down pour but enough to soak ya if stayed out in it without proper rain gear ! But to say these hardy members weren’t game to stand the test of endurance would be gross understatement ! And one of the best surprises was seeing our dedicated and loved by all Mr. Jerry Kay show up ! followed by none other than Mr. Davidson AKA Old Bob, two truly wonderful members of our club !

        I regret and apologize to the new member that also showed up that I didn’t greet and talk to you when I saw you walk down the driveway !!!  Being that you came knowing the weather predictions says you will fit in with all of us and I hope you give us another chance at another meet this summer ?!

       My wife Peggy showed up bringing our lunch !  I had said in my Email to everyone to bring your own lunch and I’m so glad she agreed to not cook a meal for the previous three days that she usually does as it would have been a mess to set up under a leaky canopy with no extra room !

       The gloomy conditions persisted till about 12:30 when, as my lovely wife predicted the sun will come out and we may finally see scattered blue in the skies above ! After huddling under the canopy for a couple hours it was a welcome site !  My Son Greg, daughter-law Joanna and grandson Logan had called and said they were on their way, they arrived just in time to see the sunshine and blue skies ! On a final note we actually did get in a little engine diagnostic  work, John Birchak had a (new to him) Evinrude 60hp on his boat that he didn’t think had a charging system in the engine, it does ? So we did a little diagnostic work with a volt meter to see if it was putting out a charge, nope could be the voltage regulator is bad but we need to do more checking !

        The intention of a wet meet is to go boating with our antique outboards but as our Treasurer Mr. Bob Joynt pointed out, “ this one brings new meaning to the term A Wet Meet” ! A huge thanks to all that made this a day to remember !

Gary & Peggy