INDEX of TECHNICAL INFORMATION FILES (Schematics, Data Tables, Misc. Information)

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StevensMagnetChargerPICTURES-1r.PDF This file shows detailed pictures of a Stevens Flywheel Magnet Charger, and gives instructions on basic operation of that device.

Stevens_Magnet_Charger_Text_r.PDF This file is the only written information that exists on the operation of the Stevens Instruments Magnet Chargers. Many thanks to the really nice Tech Support staff at Stevens for sending us this information, as these units haven’t been built for over 40 years now!

StandardMagnetoCONDENS.jpg Not many people stock condensers for old outboards; many companies that used to manufacture condensers are now out of business. WEICO was bought by Standard Magneto, so Standard Magneto is one of the best sources for these old parts. The owner, Rich Malin, is a great source for old condensers. Contact him at 1(800) 624-6386. This FILE (here) shows some of the old condensers that Rich has on hand.

DVA_CHEAPO_SMALL.jpg Here’s a schematic for a Direct Voltage Adapter. (DVAs turn your cheap Volt-Ohmmeter into a “Peak Reading Voltmeter”, for special measurement tasks. These are REALLY useful for troubleshooting alternators, lighting coils, and other charging systems.) They can also read the peak voltage across your Magnetos’ points…..which is a REALLY SHORT transient. This schematic also includes a parts list from DigiKey, so you can built your own DVA for about $30, which will out-perform most commercial Peak Reading Voltmeters you can buy!

Champion Spark Plugs OLD.pdf This is a very old document from the 1950s, written by Champion, on the topic of Spark Plugs. It’s a very interesting read!

Johnson Know Your Outboard.pdf Here’s another oldie from the 1950s, written by Johnson. It’s an introduction to outboard motors, and it covers quite a bit on the topic. (This is worth reading by EVERYONE in the AOMCI club!)

Scott Atwater 1954 to 1956 Service Manual_Part 1.pdf For those of you with a mid-1950s Scott Atwater, here’s the Service Manual for you!

Scott Atwater 1954 to 1956 Service Manual_Part 2.pdf This is the second half of the Scott Atwater 1954 – 1956 Service Manual. (Had to split the file in half, because of web page size limits!)

GrahamLee Model 31 Users Manual.pdf The Graham Lee Model 31 Ignition Tester is very good at doing basic tests on coils, condensers, and CDI ignitions. Quite a few AOMCI members own one of these. If you don’t have a User’s Manual for your tester, here you go!

GrahamLee Model 51 Users Manual.pdf The Graham Lee Model 51 Ignition Tester was a slightly more advanced unit than their Model 51. It contained a meter, that would allow you to directly measure the capacitance of your condensers (in addition to all of the functionality of the basic Model 31). Again, if you own one of these testers and don’t have a user’s manual for it, feel free to download it (below!)

Troubleshooting Graham Lee Model 31.pdf If you are one of the lucky guys to own an old Graham Lee Model 31 Ignition Tester, you know how handy they are! But, these testers are now really OLD, and keeping THEM operational is becoming a problem because of their age. If you have a Graham Lee Model 31 and it needs some repairs, here’s the instructions you need. (Note, this document includes schematics for both the TUBE and Solid-State TRIAC versions of the Graham-Lee 31!)

Testing Condensers Correctly.pdf Most people think they can test a condenser with an ohmmeter. You CAN do this, but you are much more likely to mistakenly think a bad condenser is “good”, than to actually test a condenser and find it “bad” using an ohmmeter (even if it really IS bad). Only the old “vintage” ignition condenser testers can actually test a condenser correctly. This article explains WHY !

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